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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review: Hired Gun (The Sicarii Serial #2) by AJ Bennett

Hired Gun (The Sicarii Serial #2)
by AJ Bennett
Publication Date: October 8th, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
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***Adult Paranormal Romance this is not intended for Young Adult readers.*** 

Assassin Thorne Hollow wants to know two things. Who is the mysterious Kataya Clarke and what the hell kind of mind games is she playing with him? 

His curiosity causes him to do something he hasn’t done in over two thousand years. He returns to his home realm only to find out that his father, Theseus had a hand in getting him his job with The Sicarii, the secret society of hit men, leaving Thorne even more confused. 

Pissed off, Throne takes his rage out on a nest of vampires. He ends his night with yet another beautiful woman who is not who she appears to be.

My Thoughts: AJ Bennett knows how to leave you wanting more with that heart pumping ending. The plot is slowly progressing since the books are each less than 100 pages long, but I am enjoying where things are headed. I really do love the idea that Norse gods and Greek gods both exist and work together; the plot really gets interesting when Athena comes to visit Thorne to inform him that a monumental change is about to hit earth. Warning this series is definitely a romance with some very descriptive parts.   Right when the story gets hot and heavy  the book ends with a surprise twist leaving you wishing for more! If you like a good romance with a paranormal twist this is the book series for you! I personally cannot wait to read the next one!

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