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Friday, March 28, 2014

Focus (The Crescent Chronicles #2)

Alyssa Rose Ivy Website
Book Details: Written by Bestselling New Adult and Young Adult author Alyssa Rose Ivy. Published January 23rd, 2013. 387 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords /

Synopsis of Focus: At the end of Flight Allie is surprised to find out that she entered into a life long relationship with Levi when she accepted his family ring and "consummated" the deal.  Very unhappy that Levi would trick her into something like this she takes off and leaves town. She gets caught along the way by a pack of cougar shifters looking to make money and hand her over Levi's family rivals, the Blackwells. Thankfully rescued before the shifters can take things too far, Allie is returned to Levi pretty banged up. Not only has she entered into a "marriage" of sorts with Levi, she finds out that he is the soon to be King of the paranormal community in North Americaeffectively making Allie the future Queen.

No longer able to leave the safety of New Orleans Allie enrolls in college at Tulane for the upcoming semester and sharing a dorm room with her new best friend and Pteron, Hailey. Still unhappy with Levi, Allie doesn't let him of the hook and has pretty much ended their relationship for the time being. Levi has tried everything to make it up to her but she is still hurt from his lie. Allie decides to make the most of the situation and try to enjoy her time in college. Allie, being the future Queen, has around the clock Pteron protection with Jared Owen and Levi taking turns attending all her classes. Even though Allie is upset with Levi she understands the importance of her new position and relationship and plays the part in public, in order to avoid showing weakness for the Crown.

Allie, Hailey and their new friends from their dorm, Anne and Tiffany, decide to go to the beginning of the year party Disorientation. Levi and his friends, Jared and Owen, have spread the word that Allie is off limits to anyone who values their life making meeting new people when they are out a little hard for Allie. She still continues to go have fun with her friends and ends up at a house party that is almost burned to the ground with the intent to harm Allie. Levi, Jared and Owen show up and fly her and her friends to safety effectively letting her friends in on her secret life and the paranormal community.

Allie eventually breaks down and allows Levi to slowly get closer, still keeping a small wall up until the two go on a business trip so that Levi may preside over council issues. Together at Levi's family cabin in the middle of no where Allie's wall finally breaks and she can't fight how bad she wants to be with Levi again. With their relationship back on the stress levels have gone down for the group. The semester ends and winter break begins with Allie taking Hailey on a ski trip in Vermont with her mom and mom's new boyfriend. Allie arrives at the airport in Vermont to find her ex-boyfriend Toby waiting at the gate, as soon as he sees her he tries to convince her that they belong together. After he tries to kiss her the trip ends there with her and Hailey flying home. Allie makes it home and heads straight to Levi's house, after that she gets a phone call from Toby with a pretty big surprise.

My Thoughts: Loving this series!! In the beginning of the book I feel bad for Levi, I know Allie is upset for being set up by the guy she loves, eventually she gives him the benefit of the doubt and stops fighting. Levi and Allie are too cute together. I am loving all the characters and how they interact together. Jared becomes a more likable character in this book and you get to see his nice geeky side and I love Allie's new friends Anne and Tiffany. I was glad that Allie's friends find out the truth about Pterons when they are saved from the fire.  It sure makes things easier for her to talk with them about any problems and they are so understanding of everything. Just like the first book, Flight, there is another big shocker at the end of the book, I think the author likes to leave you hanging wanting to know more. Which works!! I read all three book in the series plus the novella over the weekend, I couldn't put them down!!

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