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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flight (The Crescent Chronicles #1)

Alyssa Rose Ivy Website
Book Details: Written by Bestselling New Adult and Young Adult author Alyssa Rose Ivy. Published August 16th, 2012. 268 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of Flight: Allie, our protagonist, moves to New Orleans for the summer after graduating high school to work at a hotel her father has recently purchased. She brings along her boy crazed best friend, Jess,  for the adventure. When they arrive at the hotel Allie immediately notices some talk dark and handsome guy in the lobby, she quickly looks away since she has currently sworn off men after her recent breakup. After getting settled into their room they decide to check out the town and bar scene for the night, they just happen to run into Mr. tall dark and handsome, Levi, with his friends. Levi tries all the moves he has to get Allie's attention but it is just not working, Jess on the other hand is all over his friend Jared. The girls decide to go home for the night since they have their first day of work the next day but meet up with Levi and his friends a few times over the next couple weeks. Jess decides to go home for personal reasons and Levi takes Allie to coffee and out for an adventure to cheer her up.

Levi and his friends go the the top of the Trade Center and start taking off their shirts and diving off the building, Allie is pretty freaked out and not sure what is going on until Levi grabs her and jumps with her. When they land she discovers that they all have large angel like wings and are a type of shifter called Pterons, originating from birds. Allie decides to go home from there to calm down and think about what just happened, in the end she decided it was pretty cool and is about to call Levi when she steps out of her room but finds him waiting in the hallway for her. Allie wants to fly again so Levi takes her to the ocean which he knows is one of her favorite places, she tries to fight her feelings for Levi but there is just too strong of a connection and eventually gives up the fight. When she is not at work or with Levi she is with her new Pteron best friend Hailey.

Allie's mom makes a surprise visit near the end of summer and shows up at the hotel unannounced, Allie is very excited since she really missed her mom. While catching up Levi shows up and meets her mom but also finds out that she hasn't told either of her parents about him yet which he finds very disappointing because his parents know about her. Allie's mom invites Levi to dinner with them and Allie's father who is back in town. While at dinner he tells her parents that he would love for them to meet his parents, Allie gets upset that Levi is making it seem like their relationship is more than what she told her mom. With school creeping up and Allie's time in New Orleans coming to an end they decide to go on a real date to see where things lead. Levi gives her a gorgeous ruby ring and places on her left ring finger, shortly after go back to the hotel to finally take their relationship to the next step. Both wake up floating on a cloud, they are so happy, until Allie finds out the true meaning of the ring which sends her running.

My Thoughts: Very addicting!! Loved that the plot was set in New Orleans I've always wanted to go there and it seems like the author new the town well.  This was a new idea for a paranormal group of shifters that I have not read before. I read all three of the Crescent Chronicles book over the weekend I was so entertained. The main characters are great and the author makes them seem like people you could hang out with or go the the bars with.  Allie seems like a very strong girl who knows what she wants and Levi also is a very strong willed character going after what he wants no matter the consequences. I love the connection Allie and Levi have, I really enjoyed reading about their relationship develop over the story and what happens at the end I never would have expected!!! I love Hailey one of my favorite characters, her and Allie become great friends and really bond because Allie knows she is a shifter. Very entertaining book, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy!!

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