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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

King Cave (Forever Evermore #2)

Scarlett Dawn Website

Book Details: Written by International Best Selling Author Scarlett Dawn. Published January 1st, 2014. 432 pages. You can purchase hard copy or digital copy at Amazon

Synopsis of King Cave: King Cave begins the moment King Hall ended; the Mystical community has gathered to see their new prodigy's, future Kings and Queens, preform their first public Awakenings for the mysticals ready to become full Vampire, Shifter, Mage or Elemental. Out of nowhere all hell breaks lose and the human,"Com", community strikes against them with everything they have causing chaos and death.  Antonio, Lily our protagonists surrogate father and previous King Mage, has prepared for this as much as possible after seeing it in one of his visions. Since Pearl and Jack's mates die at the end of King Hall Antonio places a spell on both of them to forget until the task at hand is done and they reach the safety of King Cave.

Lily future Queen Shifter, Ezra future King Vampire, Jack future King Elemental and Pearl future Queen Mage gather together to use their collective power to save as many lives as possible.  Creating a protective dome out of a pond near by, they gather as many mysticals as possible and travel to the safety of King Cave. The group has to keep their concentration for hours while watching other mysticals they were unable to save die in front of them.  They make it to King Cave safe and discover that this was a world wide attack on all mysticals and a message is sent out to all mysitcals alerting them that this is a safe place hidden from the eyes of Coms. Once they have settled down Lily and Ezra have to undo the spell on Jack and Pearl so that they may mourn their fallen mates, understandingly they are heartbroken and do not leave the comfort of their room for days.

After a few days at King Cave and many more new arriving mysticals; the past, current and future Kings and Queens have a meeting of the minds to discuss the reasoning behind the attacks. They discover that hybrids can reproduce with Coms creating an evil blood thirsty creature. After this surprising information Lily decides to get a cesarean to avoid to chance of pregnancy for the time being. While under the drugs from the procedure she admits to Ezra how unbelievably hot he is, just increasing the sexual tension between them. Both Lily and Ezra start to become obviously upset when the other is sleeping with someone else and start to fight for no reason any time they see each other. Lily finally admits to herself why she is acting the way she is and decides to talk to Ezra, finding him naked in the spa she cant help but stare and then run back to her room. Ezra comes back shortly after and they finally give in to their desires and things get very steamy from there.

The only people Ezra and Lily tell about their scandalous affair are Jack and Pearl. Vampire King Vinclaire notices Lily and Ezra together and not fighting, Ezra explains that they talked out their problems and now everything is fine. King Vinclaire gives him a look and says he also enjoys a cigarette after "talking" through his problems too. Things become more serious and seriously steamy than expected and close friends and family start to notice their relationship. With things also escalating outside of King Cave the current Kings decide to pass down their leadership to the prodigies. With this switch of power Lily, Ezra, Jack and Pearl all have to leave the safety of King Cave to find their next prodigy separately and bring them back unharmed. Things spiral out of hand while on the road looking for the prodigies with them barely making it back in one piece. Ezra and Lily have to fight harder than ever to keep their relationship after a new law is passed banning anyone in opposite mystical groups from being together.

My Thoughts: Amazing!!It has already been a few days since I finished the book and it is still all I can think about. There was never a dull moment in this book and I could not set it down until I was done. Just completely amazing, I love this series so far and cannot wait until the third installment, King Tomb, to be released later this year.

The author makes you fall in love with all the characters wanting to know more about them and  desperately needing to know what will happen next. Great love story between Ezra and Lily with everything they have to overcome, still fighting to be with each other till the very end.  The relationship between Lily, Pearl, Jack and Ezra is a friendship you would be lucky to have; they are always there for each other no mater what and never asking questions. Compared to King Hall this second book really gets into the steamy part of Ezra and Lily's relationship, very descriptive and very detailed and very entertaining. The way the book ended I am dying to know what will happen next, just one juicy surprise after another. Overall I would definitely place this series in my top 5 favorite series, I loved it that much!! 

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