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Monday, March 24, 2014

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1)

Jennifer Armentrout Website
Book Details: Written by one of my favorite authors Jennifer Armentrout, #1 New York Times and US Today best selling author. Published February 25th, 2014. 400 pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon.

Synopsis of White Hot Kiss: Layla, our protagonist, is half Demon and half Warden, the only of her kind. Adopted by the Wardens at a young age she has always been told to suppress the demon side of her, never having anyone truly accept her for who she is. Layla's secret crush, Zayne, has always been her closest friend and the most understanding to her particular situation, never making her feel bad for what she is but still never fully accepting of who she is either. Layla has always accepted the fact that she can never be intimate with a guy without the worry of her demon side taking their soul with a single kiss. She knows that she will never be able to be matched with another Warden because of her tainted blood and soul sucking capabilities. The only thing Layla can do to help the Wardens is to tag demons that she sees, since she can see the souls of all individuals the lack of a soul from a demon is pretty obvious to her and all she has to do is brush up next to them which lights them up for the Wardens to hunt at night.

One night while out tagging demons she meets Roth an upper level demon, the most powerful of demons, who tries to start chatting it up with her. Super confused why Roth isn't just killing her, since he is a demon, but trying to talk to her instead she runs back to the safety of the Wardens wondering what just happen. While at school the next day a new student arrive in her science class, Roth, who has everyone staring since he could not be more gorgeous. Taking his seat next to Layla she sprints out of there and hides in the bathroom where he follows to explain to her that she needs to stop tagging because there are lots of demons looking for her. After several close calls with some high up demons shortly after Roth's warning she starts to believe him and slowly starts to become his friend.  Roth tells her that not all demons are purely evil and not all Warden are purely good even if their soul or lack there of says otherwise. 

Layla knows that not all the Wardens are happy with her existence which is proved when a Warden her age finds her alone and tries to kill her.  She fights with all her might and ends up taking his soul, but he keeps coming at her until Roth and his pet snake come out of no where killing him and taking Layla to the safety of his apartment. Layla is very shaken up from almost dying and very grateful that Roth saved her life and is letting her stay with him for the night. Layla finds out from Roth just how much the Wardens have been hiding from her about who her mother and father are and the very reason the demons are after her. The Wardens soon find out that Layla has been spending time with a demon and are not too happy but she doesn't care because her feelings for him have grown to something more, and the fact that she can kiss Roth since he has no soul is very appealing. When it comes down to the fight at the end Roth saves the day and also Zayne's life, showing the Wardens that not all demons are evil and they can love too. Layla is distraught but she has a constant reminder of Roth, his snake Bambi who has bonded to her.

My Thoughts: Great story and characters! I loved reading about Layla's struggle between her Warden and Demon sides and her struggle with never being able to be intimate with anyone without taking their soul. Always fighting against her demon side until Roth comes along and helps her come to turns with who she really is. I loved reading about her and Roth's relationship as the book progresses; from her being scared to death that an upper level demon is talking to her, to her wondering if she is going against the Wardens by wanting to be around Roth.  Always hoping Roth feels the same way for Layla but never really knowing until the end when he exercises his free will to save Layla's best friend Zayne. Zayne seems like a sweet heart but Layla and Roth belong togetherDefinitely kept me interested throughout the whole story and like always, with this author, leaves you hanging at the end needing to know what will happen next and counting down the days until the next book is released, Stone Clod Touch, October 23rd, 2014. Great book and very entertaining!

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