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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Onyx (A Lux Novel #2) by Jennifer L Armentrout

Onyx (A Lux Novel #2)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Publication Date: August 14th, 2012

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Being connected to Daemon Black sucks…

Thanks to his alien mojo, Daemon’s determined to prove what he feels for me is more than a product of our bizarro connection. So I’ve sworn him off, even though he’s running more hot than cold these days. But we’ve got bigger problems.

Something worse than the Arum has come to town…

The Department of Defense are here. If they ever find out what Daemon can do and that we're linked, I’m a goner. So is he. And there's this new boy in school who’s got a secret of his own. He knows what’s happened to me and he can help, but to do so, I have to lie to Daemon and stay away from him. Like that's possible. Against all common sense, I'm falling for Daemon. Hard.

But then everything changes…

I’ve seen someone who shouldn’t be alive. And I have to tell Daemon, even though I know he’s never going to stop searching until he gets the truth. What happened to his brother? Who betrayed him? And what does the DOD want from them—from me?

No one is who they seem. And not everyone will survive the lies…

My Review: Everything for Katy and Daemon changes at the end of Obsidian, for the better or worse..... I loved every second of this book. Jennifer L Armentrout's writing kept me so wrapped up in the story line its hard to stop reading. Definitely one of my favorite series and nothing like I have read before, between the aliens and secret government agency, the story gets more intriguing the more I read. My heart just breaks towards the end when things get a little bumpy for the gang, finding out a character I thought was trustworthy had been lying about everything and loosing another too soon. 

I love and hate the relationship between Katy and Daemon in this book, there is just constant bickering while they both go back and forth in regards to their feelings for each other. Most of the book I just wanted to smack the both of them for being so resistant when it came to their relationship. Thankfully there is a breaking point for the both of them where they cant fight their feeling for each other anymore, that's when I really enjoy the story. Now don't get me wrong the relationship drama can be addicting and makes the story entertaining and I wouldn't change a thing. This is my third time reading this book and it was just as enjoyable as the first time I read it. I definitely would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a entertaining, quick-paced paranormal story line, it does not disappoint!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Review: Obsidian (A Lux Novel #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Obsidian (A Lux Novel)
by Jennifer L Armentrout
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
Publication Date: May 8th, 2012

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Starting over sucks.

When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I’d pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring… until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.

And then he opened his mouth.

Daemon is infuriating. Arrogant. Stab-worthy. We do not get along. At all. But when a stranger attacks me and Daemon literally freezes time with a wave of his hand, well, something… unexpected happens. 

The hot alien living next door marks me.

You heard me. Alien. Turns out Daemon and his sister have a galaxy of enemies wanting to steal their abilities, and Daemon’s touch has me lit up like the Vegas Strip. The only way I’m getting out of this alive is by sticking close to Daemon until my alien mojo fades. 

If I don’t kill him first, that is.

My Review: AHHHHHH!!! GUSH!!! I love this series, this is my third time reading Obsidian and I could read it again now, I love these books so much. They are so easy to get wrapped up in, I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting because I COULD NOT STOP.  One word, Daemon, this book has one of the most addicting book boyfriends out there, you love to hate him but cant help but love him. Everything he does can be so infuriating but when you get a glimpse of the lovable Daemon its hard to forget. 

Katy is such a great leading lady in this paranormal story, always keeping Daemon and his ego/attitude in check. Katy is definitely one of my favorite female leads not only because she takes charge and is no nonsense but also because she loves to read and blog, two of my favorite things!!! I love every one of these characters, even the bitchy ones because the story would not be the same without them.  Jennifer L Armentrout does such an amazing job grabbing you from the very first chapter. She was made to write in the world of fantasy, I've never been disappointed in a single book she has written!! This addicting story keeps you on a roller coaster you never want to get off. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Top 5: Favorite YA/NA Paranormal Authors

Jennifer L. Armentrout

No words can express how amazing this author is, I first discovered Jennifer when purchasing Half-Blood, book 1 in The Covenant series. It had everything I loved about a book and then some, I was swept away in the world of the gods and loved every minute. She has a way of catching you in the story line and then leaving you hanging counting down the days until the next book is released.

After finishing The Covenant series I went on to purchase every available paranormal book she had written and have yet to be disappointed!!! She was made to write in the world of fantasy and I thank the higher powers for that every time I read one of her books!! # 1 New York Times and International Bestselling author.

Richelle Mead

Talk about an amazing author who knows how to keep you swept away in the hidden world of Moroi, Dhampir, Strigoi and Alchemist. Between the Vampire Academy Series and its spin-off series Bloodlines, Richelle gives you everything you would want in a fantasy world. She also gave us Adrian and Dimitri, two of the most intriguing book boyfriends I could ask for.  I have yet to complete her other collection of paranormal novels but I'm sure they will not disappoint#1 New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Fantasy Author.

Alyssa Rose Ivy

My first taste of the paranormal society created by Alyssa was all I needed to be completely entrapped in her writing. Starting off with Flight from The Crescent Chronicles I loved each and every character and could not set this series down. From there I read each spin-off series she has created over the past couple years including, The Empire Chronicles, The Dire Wolves Chronicles, and The Allure Chronicles. Each and every series has its own unique story, but all the stories intertwine giving you more and more of the characters you love while also introducing you to new ones.

Scarlett Dawn

Talk about an author who know how to keep things steamy!!! Scarlett knows how to grab you from the very first line of each book, to the point where you are so emotionally attached to the story line you cannot stop reading. Never have I been so emotionally effected by a character after only a few chapters, but after reading King Hall, book 1 in the Forever Evermore Series, things changed. I could not help but love every heart-breaking yet tantalizing second of the Forever Evermore series. There is just no going back after reading her work! Scarlett is such a talented writer and if you like a little heat, she's your gal!

Cassandra Clare

What can I say about Cassandra...... if you have read her books you would understand. I was blown away more times than I can even count by the amount of thought and detail she puts in her books to take them to another level. Every little detail has a greater meaning and is some how connected to her other books. I initially read Clockwork Angel, The Infernal Devices series, the prequel series to the acclaimed Mortal Instrument series.  Every story of hers is like being transported into the pages, where you never want to leave. I am counting down the days until her next two series, The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours, are released sharing with us once again her world of fantasy and shadowhunters.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Review: Rise (Cold Mark Saga #4) by Scarlett Dawn

Rise (Cold Mark, #4)
by Scarlett Dawn
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: April 10th, 2015

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Braita Valorn has found herself in another precarious situation. A battle rages on the shores of Joyal and the Mian are shaking the sand with their war cries. Trapped below ground inside the President's bunker, Braita isn't even safe.

When steel doors are blown and gunfire erupts, Human blood floods the ground. The Mian won't stop. They'll never give up the fight until they're satisfied.

Judgments are made, an archaic stand within Mian laws, and Braita finds herself charged with treason. But never one to sit during a battle, she risks her last chance of release on one set of Plumas. 

Will Braita find herself in more trouble of her own making or will she rise past atrocity to obtain her freedom?

My Review: Such an addicting story I just wish there was more every time I finish. The characters are hard not to love, Braita is such a strong female lead I love reading every minute of her crazy adventure. I have decided that I am not meant to read books that only release in short snippets. I get so into the story and then it feels like its over before it even begins. Yes it is nice that you can finish each story in one sitting but for some reason reading such short pieces of a story makes it harder for me to retain and understand what is happening in the next installment

As a whole piece I love this world Scarlett Dawn has created, it has such a unique feel to it.  I have never been disappointed in her work, each world she creates is unlike anything else I have read, each uniquely her own. I would give this series as a whole 5 stars, but in pieces like this I would say there is almost not enough to go off of. I will continue to read this series because I do enjoy it, but if you're like me and like a little more to the story I would wait for all the books to release and read them all at once. The final installment to the Cold Mark Saga, Soar, is expected to release June 20th.