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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Found (The Crescent Chronicles #3)

Alyssa Rose Ivy Website
Book Details: Written by Bestselling New Adult and Young Adult author Alyssa Rose Ivy. Published July 16th, 2013. 234 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords /

Synopsis of Found: At the conclusion of Focus you discover that Toby, Allie's ex-boyfriend, is the heir to the Blackwells, Levi's family rivals, and has taken her friend Jess as hostage until Allie agrees to come back to him. Levi is upset to discover that he was not Allie's first Pteron. Allie is upset that her friend is being held hostage, Levi tells her he has people watching to make sure nothing happens to Jess until they can go save her. Letting Allie go to the Blackwells is not an option. Trying to keep things normal Levi and the guys take Allie and Hailey to a paranormal New Year's Eve party to celebrate, where Allie runs into Toby. Toby tells her he can't believe Levi is keeping her in the dark and not telling her what she is. Allie already had a feeling that her dating two Pterons was not a coincidence and goes to visit Levi's mother to try and find out more. Levi's mother is not sure why but says if anyone knows it would be Lev's grandmother who lives a couple hours outside town and that she can set up a time to go visit her soon. 

Levi knows that Allie is up to something, first meeting with his mother and now his grandmother, and decides to tag along for the ride. Allie is not sure she made the right choice by talking to his grandmother since she is one feisty old lady. Levi's grandmother tells everyone that her and Allie will be going to visit her seamstress when really she takes her to an older studio to discuss what Allie really came to visit her for. Allie discovers that written in Pteron history there have been women known as the Enchantress. The Enchantress is like a Pteron heir magnet and whom ever she chooses to accept the family ring from will become the next King. Levi's grandmother thinks that since Levi tricked her into taking the family ring he somehow tainted to bond between them which is why the Toby is still after her.

The Winter Ball has arrived with Allie by Levi's side, they are both enjoying themselves until another possible heir to the thrown shows up to request his dance with Allie, which has to be granted based on Pteron tradition. Allie can feel a weird pull towards him and he to her which just upset both Allie and Levi. After the dance Toby shows up to request his dance, where Allie starts to feel faint. Both Allie and Levi has been experiencing extreme of jealousy and a need to be with each other which is causing Allie to become ill due to the bond not being done correctly. While at the Ball Toby's grandfather threatens to dispose of Jess and also tells her he knows where her mother lives.  

Allie can't wait any longer to go save Jess and sneaks away from Levi and her guards to travel to New York, where Jess is being held. Once she gets Jess out of trouble she goes with Toby knowing that is the only way to protect her family and friends without Toby's grandfather going after someone else. While with Toby she blacks out and starts to get very sick, this is the longest she has been away from Levi and the tainted bond is killing her. Toby still cares for Allie and calls Levi to come help, together they take her to a witch who tells them how to break the bond. During the process of breaking the bond both have tears steaming down their face, they love each other so much. An attack breaks out shortly after they break the bond with Toby saving everyone and Allie still choosing Levi, always Levi.

My Thoughts: I loved this series!! I could not put any of the books down and ended up finishing all three plus the novella over the weekend!! Great story different idea for a plot with the shifters originating from birds and having large angel like wings.  The way the author ends the second book, Focus, was very surprising; I could not believe that Allie's ex, Toby, was the Blackwell heir!! Levi and Allie are adorable, I love when the guy has to fight for what he wants instead of the girls just fawning over them. Allie definitely keeps Levi on his toes throughout the story but you can tell that she loves him beyond belief and she gives him a hard time when needed.  Levi continues to prove to Allie over and over how much he loves her even if she second guesses him occasionally 

Quit the drama between all the heirs to the thrown when they show up at the winter ball to dance with Allie. Very entertaining, also I loved all the girly descriptions of the dresses that Allie wears for each event. Then you find out that since Levi didn't do the mate bond right when he tricked Allie in the first book, the two get sick from the tainted bond and have to find a way to fix it before things gets worse. I loved Levi's grandma she was a great addition to the already great group of characters. I feel terrible for Toby by the end of the story and really hope things work out for him in the spin off series. It all ends at the coronation when Levi takes over as King; I just wanted the story to keep going for Allie, Levi and the gang!!! I will be reading the spin off series The Empire Chronicles Book 1, Soar, next.  Overall a very entertaining read!!

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