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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Soar (The Empire Chronicles #1)

Alyssa Rose Ivy Website
Book Details: Written by Bestselling New Adult and Young Adult author Alyssa Rose Ivy. Published November 19th, 2013. 252 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of Soar: Casey, our protagonist, is working in New York City at a small coffee shop, currently taking a semester off from NYU to save some money. While taking out the garbage at work Casey is corned by a wolf, shocked and scared, she pauses wondering what to do until the wolf starts to back off, Casey passes out right before seeing a winged man. The next day Casey starts chatting with Toby (Allie's ex from The Crescent Chronicles series) a cute quiet guy who is a regular costumer at the coffee shop that Casey has been crushing on for some time. Casey's friends Jess and Emmett are planning to have a house warming party the coming weekend, little does she know Emmett is one of Toby's best friends from high school and arrives shortly after her at the party. Toby overhears Casey talking about her needing to make plans Saturday night to ditch her boss who asked her out. Toby happily offers to take her out since seeing Casey at the coffee shop every morning is the only bright spot to his day. 

Toby also dropped out of college after his first semester from Princeton but for very different reasons. Toby is a Pteron shifter with huge hawk wings and after the death of his grandfather he took over as head shifter in New York City reporting back to the King Pteron, Levi. Since he has come into power the lower bear and wolf shifters have been acting out and attacking humans. Levi discovers the situation has become a little out of hand and sends the head of his security and best friend, Jared, to New York to handle the problem.

Toby and Casey go out to a paranormal coffee shop run by witches. Both are having a great time until Toby realizes they put something in the coffee that enhances any feelings already there. With Casey throwing herself at him, Toby decides to do the gentlemanly thing and take her home and hope the potion wears off soon. Toby meets with Casey's boss that night who is a bear shifter to discuss the possibility that the wolves are after Casey for some unknown reason. Casey is back to normal the next day so Toby takes her out to dinner and they end up back at his place where she decides to stay in his guest room for the night.  Toby has some business to deal with early the next morning and is gone when Jared shows up looking for him. Casey answers the door to see some gorgeous shirtless guy. Jared immediately turns on the charm for Casey and has her thinking about him until Toby shows up to see if she wants to do dinner again. 

Casey is closing at the coffee shop when Murphy, the boyfriend of her missing older sister, shows up. He tries to take her by force but she is able to escape and run to Toby's building. Toby shows up completely transformed with his wings out ready to fight Murphy who turns into a bear right in front of Casey. Casey is officially freaked out and confused by what is going on. While the fighting is going on Toby's friend takes Casey back to the safety of the family estate.With things so out of control in New York Levi and Allie show up at the estate shortly after Toby and Jared arrive to discuss business. Everyone ends up going back to New Orleans where the King resides to further investigate the uprising from the lower shifters. The love triangle just gets worse from here with both Toby and Jared trying to win Casey's affection. Obstacles continue to get in the way for the group as they try to find the source of the uprising and Casey discovers the secret her parents have been keeping from her, changing her life forever.

My Thoughts: Great spin-off series to The Crescent Chronicles. So happy all my favorite characters are back!!! Just like the other series I had a hard time putting it down and wasn't ready for it to end! It was great having the story jump between Casey, Jared and Toby's point of view so you can really understand how everyone is feeling throughout the plot.  I loved that you got to see more of both Toby and Jared, including their sensitive sides. I never thought that Jared would act that way over a girl after reading about him in the other series.  I kind of feel bad for Toby though' first he losses Allie to Levi and now he is having to compete with Jared for Casey. I am ready for Toby to have his happy ending! Huge surprise ending for Casey and who her real father is!! Not sure how I feel about Casey's character yet, going between Toby and Jared. Very entertaining cannot wait for the second book in The Empire Chronicles, Search, to come out later this month, April 17th.

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