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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Legend of the Blue Eyes (Book One of The Blue Eyes Trilogy)

B. Kristin McMichael Website
Book Details: Written by B. Kristin McMichael. Published March 8th, 2013. 256 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of The Legend of the Blue Eyes: Arianna, our protagonist, is about to turn 16, little does she know her whole world is about to change forever. Ari's aunt and uncle are being very mysterious about their plans for a trip with an unknown return date for her birthday.  Ari meets her friends at the movie theater, something they do every Friday night, where Ari also receives letters from an anonymous source talking about her parents who passed away when she was very young. Before her aunt and uncle can take her on this trip she meets the anonymous letter writer who turns out to be her father's uncle. He tells her all about her parents and how both were murdered because of a feud between their families. 

All along she thought she had no living relatives other than the ones she lived with and discovers an uncle, a cousin and a grandfather all in one night. Her uncle informs her that she is both Dearg-Dul, vampire on her mothers side, and Baku, demon on her fathers side. This is something that has never happen before, you are either one or the other never both. Of the four groups of night humans Dearg-Dul and Baku are natural enemies; Lycan have sided with Dearg-Dul and Tengu with Baku.  Ari's mother was a vampire while her father was a demon which in the end caused their death and is the reason Ari was raised by her mother's close friends, who Ari calls aunt and uncle.

Arianna leaves her Uncles to be escorted to her grandfather's property by a young man Ari has grown up seeing as long as she can remember.  She starts the change into a vampire and needs blood immediately, Devin cannot get Ari to her grandfathers in time and has to let her feed off of him and then she passes out. Ari wakes up in her grandfathers house to discover her own personal security team, consisting of Devin and the rest were all familiar faces from the bus ride she takes to the movies every Friday.  She also notices that she can see and hear everything much clearer than usual and can sense others emotions. Getting ready for the party she has to drink more blood to complete her change, but the only blood she will drink is Devin's. While at the party she is finally able to meet her grandfather Randolph, who is a very intimidating man but loves her deeply. When Ari changes into her Dearg-Dul form everyone is in awe when they see her blue eyes; all Dearg-Dul's eyes become brown when transformed. 

Ari discovers there is a legend of the blue eyed vampire that no one knows the whole legend for except her grandfather who refuses to tell her. He believes that she can make her own destiny and choose not to be the legend.  Being a pure blood Dearg-Dul and Baku makes Ari very strong and powerful and also the next in line to rule over both groups of night humans. She is quickly enrolled into a night human school so that she may better understand the world she is now living in. Her first day there she meets Turner, a lycan, who she becomes fast friends with and helps explain everything new to Arianna. Turner is fascinated by Ari and offers to be her keeper, protector for life. Legend says she needs 5 keepers all from a different blood line, between Turner and Devin she is quickly reaching that number and starting to become the legend.

My thoughts: Great book! I loved that there was more that one paranormal being in the story! Vampires, Lycans, Demons oh my! Arianna's character is truly someone you can connect with because she is that shining light of a girl in a world of hard night humans. Ari is just trying to find her place in this new world which is hard when you are only getting some of the pieces needed with Devin and her grandfather trying to keep her safe. I thought all the characters were great and had a hard time putting the book down! Love Devin, my favorite character, even if he is always emotionally cut off from the world just the little bit he shows is enough. The story kept me entertained the whole way through with ups and downs and plenty of obstacles to overcome, never a dull moment. I already started the second book Becoming the Legend and its is great so far, I am really enjoying this series!!