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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Day Human Prince (Book One of the Day Human Trilogy)

B. Kristin McMichael Website
Book Details: Written by B. Kristin McMichael. Published April 11th, 2014. 234 Pages. You can purchase a digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of The Day Human Prince: The story begins with a quick recap from the end of The Legend of the Blue Eyes series, with Devin, a day human, almost dying Nessa, a night human, saves his life by magically bonding to him. Nessa also happens to be the reason her brother, king of the sidhe, dies making her heir to the thrown. Nessa and Devin are on their way to the hidden sidhe community, very similar to faeries, to find a way to break their bond. With all the bickering between the two they are both ready to go their separate ways. 

During their travel to the sidhe community they come across invisible sidhe assassins, luckily Devin has been trained by one of the best night humans around and is ready for the attack.  Nessa is still amazed to see Devin in action, fighting better than most night humans she knows. Narrowly making it out with Nessa's life Devin must let her feed off his blood to help her heal, while both contemplate what will be waiting for them once they reach their destination since it seems someone does not want Nessa to make it back home. Day humans are a rarity in the sidhe community, fortunately they arrive back at her home while everyone is asleep and decide to catch some shut eye before things get out of control.

Devin has a unique ability to see threw the sidhe magic, that not even sidhe's can see. This ability helps him to protect Nessa like no one else could.  Both Nessa and Devin become closer as their journey continues, worried more about each other more than themselves. With Nessa's uncle and cousin working to prove her innocence in her brothers death to the other leading families, her and Devin search for a way to break the bond but run into trouble along the way and discover much more than they could have imagined.

My Thoughts: Perfect spin-off to The Legend of the Blue Eyes series. Begins right where the series left off following Devin's life. I love Devin and Nessa together!! They are perfect, this is such a great story! I am so glad the author decided to write this series!! Traveling into the world of the magical sidhe night human race, very similar to faeries, Devin and Nessa try to break the magical bond formed between them after she saves his life. Fighting off assassins all while figuring out who they can trust in the sidhe world. Devin and Nessa are constantly bickering with each other but deep down its because they care for the others well being. It only took me a couple of days to read, it was hard to put down and had me wrapped up in this world of the night humans the author has created. I cannot wait for the next book in this trilogy to come out, I have no doubt it will be just as great!!

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