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Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: Lure by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Lure (The Allure Chronicles)
by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Publication Date: February 6th, 2015

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There's danger in the beauty...

Two years, six months, and twenty-five days. That's how long it had been since I'd seen my winged hero— not that I'd been counting. I'd suffered through years of counseling just to convince my friends and family that I wasn't crazy and knew he didn't exist.

But he did. And I was done waiting.

Days after college graduation I headed back down to New Orleans to retrace my steps and find Owen again only to find my life was about to get even crazier... thanks to the most beautiful and dangerous of all paranormal creatures, the Allures.

My Review: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! This is the spin off I have been waiting for!!! Finally a story jumping into the life of my favorite character from the Crescent Chronicles series, OWEN. Alyssa Rose Ivy does an amazing job, yet again, with this wonderful paranormal society she has created. After reading Seduction's Kiss, the prequel to Lure in the Allure Chronicles, I needed to know more about Daisy! Will she be able to overcome her traumatizing, life-changing New Orleans trip? Would she ever see Owen again and when?  Luckily for us she does, it just takes her overcoming a few major life obstacles to get there, including meeting a few interesting characters along the way. 

One of my very favorite things about these spin off series is that we get to see more of our favorite characters, characters that Alyssa Rose Ivy makes feel so alive that you could be friends with them and want to be.  This book finally gives you more into the mind of quiet, to himself Owen, that I've been waiting for!!! With another cliff hanger ending, leaving you needing to know what happens next, I am ready for the next book in the series Lust, releasing this summer!!!! 

Back in the Swing of Things

To anyone out there still viewing my blog!!!

I am back! My world got a little crazy between my daughter, finding a new job and trying to sell my house, that my blogging was kind of pushed aside!
It may take me a little bit to get back into the swing of things again, but I am ready and I hope you are too!!!