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Sunday, March 16, 2014

King Hall (Forever Evermore #1)

Scarlett Dawn Website

Book Details: Written by International Best Selling Author Scarlett Dawn. Published August 1st, 2013. 280 pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at  Amazon

Synopsis of King Hall: The author takes you to a world where humans, "coms", know the existence of mystical beings and over time have created an alliance. Vampires, Shifters, Elementals and Mages all exist and are ruled by their own mystical King or Queen who each rule for 20 years, until the next prodigy comes of age. Lily our protagonist is recently mated to the prodigy King shifter, Dominic; both can shift into wolf form. Each mystical group usually keeps to themselves but occasionally they become "friendly" with an individual in another group causing a hybrid offspring.  By law hybrids are to be killed at birth, Lily just happens to be a hybrid who has done a very good job at hiding that secret. The only person living who knows about this secret is the man who raised her along side her mother, Antonio.

During an attack on the mystical community something terrible happens to Dominic causing a shift of prodigy power to Lily, making her the future Queen shifter.  Antonio comes out of hiding to help Lily take charge of the life that has been given to her and accept her new role. While morning Dominic and training to be Queen shifter a close bond forms between Lily and the other prodigies; Pearl future Queen Mage, Ezra future King Vampire and Jack future King Elemetal.  The four spend all their free time together and become best friends. With all the pressures of becoming the next rulers of their kind they decide to ditch school and go enjoy a day at the beach. While at the beach they are ambushed by a group of coms who come out of nowhere with guns and silver bullets. The four come together using their powers and training to fight against the fifty humans, leaving no survivors and making it out unscathed. The current Kings are furious that they put themselves at such risk by fighting instead of running and ground them to the grounds of their house and school. Soon after they meet with the president to discuss ways to create peace between the coms and mys.

Lily's friends soon find out her darkest secret when they find out that her mother used to date King Vinclaire, the Vampire King, who Lily believes to be her father. Pearl, Ezra and Jack are surprisingly fine with this new development and offer themselves for her to feed off instead of bagged blood. They are soon taught by the Kings how to link their power together through touch to magnify an individuals power and to also help Awaken new mysticals. It has always been thought that a hybrid could not preform an awakening which just leads Lily into and anxiety attack in anticipation for her first attempt. Graduation and the public awaking day has arrived and just when you think everything is going so smoothly there is a huge explosion rocking the ground. Antonio shows up a bag of guns ready to fight and starts handing out orders for everyone to follow if they want any chance of making it out alive.

My Thoughts: Great story, Great characters, Great writing!! I was swept away in the plot and could not set this book down.  I was definitely not expecting to be so caught up in the story and characters that I was heart broken within the first 50 pages, ready to cry for Lily. I love that there are vampires, shifters, mages, and elementals all wrapped up into one book where the human race knows about their existence. All my favorite things in one book, what could be better!!

The friendship that is formed throughout the story between Lily, Pearl, Ezra and Jack is just heart warming you couldn't ask for better friends, not even apart of the same mystical group but they have each others backs no matter what. I love that individuals are magically matched when their powers touch causing the couple to experience empathy or telepathy and an everlasting connection unless one passes away. So much happens throughout the story that it was very difficult for me to stop reading until the end, and with the ending being so crazy I had to immediately buy the next book, King Cave, and keep reading!! Overall I LOVED THIS BOOK!

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