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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crossed (Matched Book 2)

Matched Series Website

Book Details:  #1 New York Times best selling series, written by Ally Condie. Publication November 1st, 2011. 384 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon.

Crossed Synopsis: Crossed begins three months after Matched, with Ky in the outer provinces and Cassia at a work camp. Crossed jumps from Ky’s perspective to Cassia’s perspective so that you can see both individuals progression.  At the end of Matched, Ky is taken by the officials and sent to the outer provinces with a group of guys who are all aberrations. The Society is using them as a show in order for the enemy to think the area is occupied.  Placed in the line of fire Ky sees a lot of death in those three months. Cassia is transported to a manual labor camp for showing signs of rebelliousness. Working the fields with a group of girls near the outer provinces, Cassia is trying her hardest to find a way to Ky and waiting for the perfect moment to run. All the while Ky is planning his escape to go search for Cassia, but he has no idea she is no longer in their hometown.

The Society decides to move the girls from the work camp to the outer provinces to join up with the boys. Cassia is so excited she can hardly believe that she is just being delivered to Ky. When she shows up she find out Ky had already left two nights before. Ky is on his way through the canyons about twenty miles away from where Cassia is currently. He is traveling with two guys he was able to escape with, Vick and Eli. Cassia sneaks away once she knows that Ky is no longer there with her new companion Indie.  Together Cassia and Indie make it through the canyon looking for signs of Ky.  Eventually Cassia finds a tree with her name carved into the trunk in an abandoned town tucked away in the canyon.  She knows she is close and keeps pushing, soon finding Ky deep within the canyon. Together the group goes looking for the resistance after finding a map in the abandoned town.  Once they reach the location of the resistance Ky and Cassia are again separated on their own individual missions to better help with the resistance. Who knows when they will see each other again?

My Thoughts: I found it more entertaining than the Matched but it was still slower than I would have liked. I really like when books jump from different characters point of views from chapter to chapter.  Getting to see more of Ky and his life was a nice change. I did not like that Ky and Cassia are separated at the end of the fist two books leaving their relationship up in the air. I did enjoy reading about the new characters added to the story. Cassia and Ky are just constantly fighting their way to each other and during that time the author gives you more of the plot and explains the history behind the society and the resistance. I just want more from the story instead of the characters on this constant journey to something more.

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