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Monday, December 2, 2013

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, Book 2)

Susan Ee Website

Book Details: Written by Susan Ee, US Today best selling author. Publication November 19th 2013. 314 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon.

World After Synopsis: Angelfall ends with everyone thinking Penryn has died. The angels have created a creature that has the body of a man, a scorpion tail and bug like wings. Penryn gets stabbed by one of these “locust” with paralytic poison. Raffe believes that Penryn has died and delivers her body back to her mother and sister.

World After begins with Penryn regaining movement in her body and sitting up, frightening the people who see this. Her family is now traveling with the resistance the group who attacked the Aerie at the end of Angelfall. The resistance takes the group of survivors into hiding to their new location, Palo Alto high school. Now with Paige back Penryn has a hard time accepting how she has changed and doesn’t know how to act like a big sister anymore.

The resistance has been working on placing a surveillance system all over the San Francisco area. Penryn and Obi, the leader of the resistance, see Raffe with his new wings going after Beleil, a fallen angel who stole Raffe's wings. To everyone but Penryn Raffe now looks like the devil himself come to earth. Obi sends out a recon group, which includes Penryn, to monitor the situation at the old Aerie. The recon team discovers that all the angels shot down or injured are moving and quickly healing from the attack leaving not a single casualty for the angels.

Back at the resistance Penryn starts to have very real dreams involving Raffe and his sword. In a way his sword is speaking to her through these dreams and teaching her how to wield it properly. She gets quite the insight into Raffe’s past and how lonely a path he was on. Penryn begins to really miss her relationship with Raffe and wonders when she will see him next.

Paige leaves her family back at the resistance because of her peculiar situation. Penryn and their mother leave soon after to follow her trail. While out searching they discover how many of these “locusts” have been created and start seeing swarms of them in the sky, hoarding people to their death. Penryn works hard to get back to her sister and along the way has to overcome many obstacles and distractions, always hoping she will see Raffe again.

My Thoughts: World After is more exciting than Angelfall. In Angelfall the author had to build the story and explain to the reader everything going on and why. World After jumps right into the story from where Angelfall left off. You get to see more of Penryn’s relationship with her family in this book, but while I was reading I just wanted Raffe to find Penryn and know she did not die. When that finally happens I was so excited by how the author describe both of their reactions that I just wanted more interaction between the two.

The plot is still a post-apocalyptic setting with some very grim and horrific descriptions of the world and how people are acting, but it just makes this book series so unique. Great series, I cannot wait to see what happens next!! So far there is no information about when the third book will be published.

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