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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Key (The Arcadian Series Book One)

T.L. Coulter Blog
Book Details: Written by T. L. Coulter. Published March 27th, 2014. 396 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Barnes & Noble / Amazon

The Key Synopsis: Rek, our leading man, and his brother Audric are from the realm of magicians. Rek is sent to the mortal realm with little instruction to find the key needed to save his realm against an evil traitor. Kailee, our leading lady, is senior in high school living in the mortal realm in Astoria, Oregon. Kailee has always had a hard time making friends because her aunt and uncle relocate for work every few years, since living in Astoria she met her best friend Gabe.

Rek enrolls in the local high school in Astoria knowing the key is somewhere within based on a locator spell he was able to cast. The second Rek and Kailee lock eyes at school there is instant chemistry, although Kailee tries to fight it for as long as possible. It finally takes Gabe befriending Rek for Kailee to give him any chance at a possible friendship. All the while Rek is trying, but failing, at locating the key. It's not until Astrid, an acquaintance from his realm, joins Rek as his "cousin" in the mortal realm do they figure it out. 

Kailee finally agrees to spend time with Rek alone when Gabe can't come along. From that point on there is no turning back from their feelings towards each other and the chemistry between them.  When Rek finds out who the key is he is crushed because of a prophecy stating that the key is destined to marry his older brother Audric. Rek tries to come to terms with that revaluation but it's eating away at his heart. Kailee takes the information about another realm of magicians where Rek is from very well, only losing her temper with her family and friends a few times. 

Kailee agrees to go back to this other realm to help save the kingdom of Arcadia. While there Audric is instantly taken with Kailee and instead of telling Audric the truth Kailee and Rek pretend they have no feelings for each other. This only causes Rek to start drinking and arguing with his brother for no reason. In the end they all work together to save the kingdom or so they think. 

My Thoughts: I loved this story! I had some trouble getting into the flow of it right away because I was trying understand where things were going, but the more I read the more I loved. By the end of the book I couldn't put it down! I just wish I knew what was going to happen next especially with that cliff hanger of an ending! Great story with magicians and a forbidden romance. I love the idea of different realms where magicians live separate from the mortal realm. I feel terrible for Audric, Rek and Kailee need to just tell him the truth instead of pretending they don't love each other!  I was intrigued by all the main characters personalities it will be interesting to see how everything plays out in the end and who will end up with who.

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