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Friday, May 9, 2014

Seeress (A Runes Novel 3)

Ednah Walters Website

Book Details: Written by YA Paranormal and Fantasy author Ednah Walters. Published April 28th, 2014. 296 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Barnes & Noble /Smashwords /Amazon

Synopsis of Seeress: Raine is your typical teenage girl surrounded by Valkyries, individuals who take souls to Valhalla to train, and immortals. Raine is also a Seeress destined to predict the beginning of the end of the world war against the giants. At the end of Immortals we discover that Eirik is the grandson of Odin and is sent Asgard for safety, Cora was being impersonated by the evil Meliina and can see spirits and Raine is an all powerful Seeress working on honing her skills. 

Raine begins to have visions when she touches anything with a magical element involved, such as an old necklace or ring. At first she cannot control what she sees and everything is blurry, but she knows she is seeing the deaths of other seers and from what Torin can find out she can see them as they are happening. Torin has a hard time watching Raine when she receives her visions because he cannot help her while they are happening and he can see that they are affecting her emotionally.  These vision not only show that some unknown person, who looks very similar to Torin, is hurting other seers but that he is also looking for Raine. With the help of her friends she begins to have more control over her new powers.

With the news of someone coming for Raine, Torin and his friends begin to put up protective runes all around town while also spreading the word that someone is coming after other seers. While all this is happening Raine's mother is in Asgard requesting to be reinstated as a Valkyrie and Raine's father is slowly dying and hanging in by a thread. With everything happening in Raine's life she still tries to have a few normal moments here and there with picnics in the park, a double date with Cora and Echo and prom. A new group of witches move to their small town of Kayville, adding to the already crazy group of paranormals living there. Thankfully some of the witches help Raine clear up her visions while other witches end up implanting fake visions to try and confuse her. Eirik shows up at the end with a surprise twist in events leaving everyone wondering what is going on with him. Torin is reunited with a few distant relations and battle of powers at the end leaving trees uprooted has you wondering what will happen next.

My Thoughts: Continues to be a very addicting series!! All the characters are amazing and have developed such great relationships with each other, you never would have guessed that from the first book Runes. The story really develops in this book with the surprising discovery of who is after Raine and killing other seers. It also dives into Torin's family history which I always love since he is almost a thousand years old. More of my favorite side story from Grimnirs with Cora and Echo. Raine and Torin are super cute and obviously completely in love with each other even if they are a little obnoxious when they are fighting. The norns continue to be a pain in the butt for the group always trying to push their own agenda on Raine. 

continue to love this series and the novellas, I have a very hard time putting these books down. The ending was great leaving you wanting more but not leaving you hanging, I have a hard time when something major happens and you have to wait a year to find out.  I cannot wait to see what Ednah has in store for us next in the Runes series.

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