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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Immortals (A Runes Novel 2)

Ednah Walters Website
Book Details: Written by YA Paranormal and Fantasy author Ednah Walters. Published August 3rd, 2013. 342 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of Immortals: Runes ends with extreme casualties at Raine’s swim meet and the loss of Torin’s memories. You also discover that Raine’s mom Svana used to be a Valkyrie until she meet Raine’s father Tristian and luckily was in the goddess Freya’s favor and allowed to stay on earth for love. Immortals began with Raine’s family deciding to get away for a couple weeks to let things calm down at home. When Raine returns from her trip everyone at school starts calling her a witch for predicting that people would die at the swim meet; luckily she still has her best friends Eirik and Cora by her side. With Torin’s memory swiped seeing Torin everywhere she goes is breaking her heart. Raine decides she will just have to make him remember or get him to fall in love with her all over again.

Raine begins to train in order to follow in her mothers’ footsteps and become a Valkyrie. Lavania is Raine’s new trainer and also the one who trained Torin; while working with her she discovers that Eirik is a God from Asgard and Odin’s grandson. Eirik was put on earth for protection from his mother Hel, the ruler of Hel’s Mist where souls not set for Valhalla go.  The Norns inform Raine that Eirik is in trouble and she needs to protect him before he losses himself completely.  Eirik starts having night terrors and also going into a trance when his emotions are at their strongest, projecting those emotions on any mortal near him causing chaos.

While this is all happening Torin doesn’t know why but he is drawn to Raine and would do anything to protect her.  He starts to believe her when she says that the Norns wiped his memory of her as punishment for healing her in Runes.  Torin trusts his feelings even though he cant explain them without his memories and falls madly in love with her all over again, even if it takes him a while to express that to Raine.

Eirik decides to come stay at Raine’s for the night because of the night terrors he is experiencing at home. While at Raine’s the two decide to show each other their Runes etched on their body. Raine discovers that Eirik has lots of runes but they are all backwards??? Norns tell Raine someone is etching those on him while he is unaware and that she cannot let them complete them or the Eirik she knows will be gone. Lavania and Torin immediately report this information to Asgard. Eirik is told to come home to Asgard, Cora is not who we thought she was and Raine discovers her true path in life. 

My Thoughts:  I am in love with this book series and all the characters!!  I could not set this book down for a second!  I got a little frustrated that the Norns erased Torins’ memories, but I loved watching him fall in love with Raine all over again.  I really started to like Andris’s personality in this book, in Runes, he seemed like a very unpleasant person to be around but he really starts to grow on you.  I certainly was not expecting to find out that Eirik is the all knowing Odin’s long lost grandson.  Poor Cora! I cannot believe what happens to her with no one knowing and her thinking she lost her two best friends.  The author really builds up these characters for the reader to love or hate. 

I know it not long but I really wish I did not have to wait until April for the third book, Seeress, to be published. Thank God I just found out that there is Grimnirs, 2.5 of the Rune Series. Such a great series that keeps you captivated to whole time wanting to know what will happen next and since ill have to wait two months for the next book ill have to read both books again as a refresher before then.

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