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Friday, February 7, 2014

Runes (A Runes Novel 1)

Ednah Walters Website
Book Details: Written by YA Paranormal and Fantasy author Ednah Walters. Published May 20th, 2013. 245 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon.

Synopsis of Runes: Raine, short for Lorraine, is our protagonist of this story based in the small town of Kayville, Oregon. Until recently Raine’s best friend / her unofficial boyfriend Eirik has always lived next door. While hanging out with her other best friend Cora, Raine hears a knock at the door; it’s some random great looking guy with attitude she has never met before asking if Eirik is with her.  After their heated conversation Raine discovers his name is Torin and that he is her new neighbor. Always the A student and current captain of the swim team, with school starting back up soon the last thing Raine needs is some new gorgeous guy living next door to distract her.  There is just something about him she can’t explain that draws her to him.

School has started along with swim practice and Raine meets three new exchange students, Andris, Maliina and Ingrid, who Torin seems to be acquainted with. Raine can feel there is something not right with these three and confirms it when she can see tattoos moving on Andris’s arm that no one else can see. While playing a friendly game of ultimate frisbee with her swim team Maliina takes it too far and kicks Raine in the ribs knocking her down. Torin is there in seconds to catch her before she hits the ground, Raine is in so much pain she can’t even breath and blacks out in Torin’s arms. When she wakes up a few seconds later all the pain is gone and she knows Torin did something to heal her. After her practice Raine goes over to Torin’s to confront him about healing her and also seeing the tattoos on Andris’s arms. Effectively shocking Torin with the news of seeing Andris’s runes he tells her it’s just magic and not to worry about it because he won’t answer any of her questions, no matter how persistent she is.

Raine is determined to find out the truth about who Torin and these exchange students really are. She starts searching on the internet for any of the runes she saw on Andris.  Raine discovers that it has something to do with Norse Mythology; Odin, Thor, Loki. There is an overwhelming draw between Torin and Raine that neither can escape and they slowly grow closer to each other. Raine finally finds out that Torin is a Valkyrie; a reaper of healthy athletic souls whom are taken to Valhalla to be trained in the final world battle.  Raine also discovers that the only reason Torin and his friends are in her town is to reap the souls of her friends and that a major accident is around the corner.  With much at stake Raine does everything in her power to save the ones she loves.

My Thoughts: Love, Love, Love!! I absolutely love the characters! Torin and Raine are adorable, Torin is kind of an ass but Raine definitely keeps him in check.  I loved that the plot is based off of Norse Mythology, something new for me that I have never read in any of my books, usually its always Greek Mythology.  It took me a little while to get into the plot because the author doesn't give you any info on Torin other than he is the new gorgeous guy next door.  There are a lot of questions that build up throughout the book that I wanted to know the answers too, which kept me reading and wanting to know more. I could not set this book down!!   I can’t wait to start the next book in the series, Immortals.

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