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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grimnirs (A Runes Novel 2.5)

Ednah Walters Website
Book Details: Written by YA Paranormal and Fantasy author Ednah Walters. Published December 2nd, 2013. 348 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Smashwords / Amazon

Synopsis of Grimnirs:  Grimnirs begins in Eirik’s point of view while on Asgard pining over Cora.  Using Odin’s chair Eirik is able to look in on Cora but to his surprise he sees a Grimnir, reaper of souls, searching through her room. Then we jump to Cora’s point of view grocery shopping with her mom.  You find out that Cora was sent to a psych ward at the end of Runes for telling her mom she can see spirits and people with glowing “tattoos” runes. While she was committed no one knows because Meliina was impersonating her in Immortals.  All this time Cora thinks her friends have just abandoned her when really they had no idea she was even gone.

Every spirit Cora passes can some how sense that she can see them and so they try to communicate with her but she hears no sound when they talk. Cora tries to tell the spirits to leave her alone without looking like a crazy person talking to herself when some random guy that looks like a grim reaper, an extremely good looking reaper, appears and starts talking to her and the spirits. He keeps telling her that she needs to activate her runes and that if she needed help to call him and then he disappears. Extremely confused by what just happen Cora returns to her house with her mother from shopping to find the same guy waiting in her room.  Echo struts forward and starts kissing her, after a few enjoyable seconds she pushes him away thinking the grim reaper has come to seduce her before he takes her soul.  Echo thinks she is playing hard to get and keeps calling her doll-face, telling her the only reason she doesn’t remember him and their connection is that the Norns must have erased her memories of the last 6 weeks and replaced them with false ones.

Things just get more confusing the next day when she starts back at school.  Everyone talks to her like she has only been gone a week. Not really understanding what is happening she decides that some how she must have astral-projected in her drugged out state at the psych ward.  It’s the only explanation she can come up with since everyone at school is talking to her about the last 6 weeks with her and she keeps receiving graded homework back with her handwriting.  Cora starts to understand why Raine and Eirik never visited her while she was gone, because apparently she has been at school this whole time. Over the next couple weeks Cora just rolls with the punches and gets closer to Echo. She starts to believe that maybe the Norns did mess with her memories because there is an undeniable want for Echo she just can’t explain. It aggravates her how much she wants to be near his arrogant ass, when he is not around she wonders when he will pop in next.

Echo and Cora finally find out from Torin and Raine that Meliina was impersonating her during those weeks she was at the psych ward. Echo backs away from their growing relationship because she is a mortal.  Raine finally explains everything to Cora that has been happening; that Raine is the next all-powerful seeress, Torin is a Valkyrie and Eirik was sent back to Asgard because he is Odin’s grandson. Finally she understands why she cannot remember a thing other than being at the psych ward those 6 weeks. Cora also finds out that there are other Grimnirs after her because they think she is still Meliina who made a deal with some bad people. Echo stays close to protect Cora even though he tells her they can’t be together. Cora and Echo continue on acting like they don’t care about each other but it only lasts for so long before they can’t stand it anymore. Things get very steamy at Echo’s place and Cora expresses her love for him even if he can’t say it back she doesn’t care, she only wants him.  Eirik returns from Asgard thinking he is saving Cora form the Grimnir and then all Hel breaks lose.

My Thoughts: I Love Echo!!! He is the epitome of bad boy!! This book is sort of a spin off and in Cora, Raine’s best friend from Runes, point of view.  You get to learn all about why she was in the psych ward and her love affair with Echo.  I loved this book even more than the others, if that’s possible. All of the characters really come together to keep Cora safe and fight off Meliina and the Grimnirs.

I love that the author is writing other books for this series that are in other characters point of views, you really get to know every character and what drives them.  This book gets much more detailed and steamy than the other two, Echo and Cora are pretty hot together; Ednah Walters definitely slipped some romance into this novel. Overall I loved it and I cannot wait until the third book comes out, Seeress

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