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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unfurl (The Ripple Trilogy Book 3)

Cidney Swanson Website
Book Details: Written by Cidney Swanson. Publication January 1st, 2012. 339 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon.

Synopsis of Unfurl: Unfurl begins in Will’s perspective since Chameleon ends with Will and his sister staying in France with Sir Walter and Samantha flying home to be with her family no matter the risks.  Also at the end of Chameleon you discover that Sam is a long lost relative of Sir Walters. Sir Walter sends his son Christian with Sam, who is over 400 years old, to be her protector while she is away.  They play off Christian as an exchange student that they brought back from France since Will stayed there.

Both Sam and Will are pretty upset they have to be separated by thousands of miles when finally they expressed their love for each other. After about a month of being home Sam is kidnapped in the night and taken to a research facility where Hans shows up. His job from his father Hellman is to try and convince her to let them harvest one of her eggs in order to clone her DNA.  Samantha refuses to let them do that and is drugged anyway and put on the operating table where an egg is removed.  During this time her thoughts have been calling out to Christian leading him to her location for rescue. Soon after that Sam decides that she needs to tell her parents what is happening for their own safety, but before that happens her house is set on fire by Hans while her father is away on business.  Narrowly escaping the house with all their lives Sam and her family go into hiding with Gwyn and her mother to help.  To avoid anyone making a connection between them and Sir Walter there is only two phone calls a month so none of the group in France knows what is happening to Sam.

While Sam is dealing with her own issues, Sir Walter and Will are investigating the recent purchases of Hellman’s company, Genesis, throughout Europe.  Always invisible while investigating they discover Mick’s old advisor on the Rippler’s Syndrome is alive and is working for Hellman at the Genesis headquarters in Rome.  During their time in Rome they are involved in a large car accident on their way to pick up dinner, ending up on the front page of the news the next day with their picture front and center in the article.  They immediately leave Rome to go back to France and continue investigating there.  In France they identify that someone has been placing people, while in chameleon form, within the walls of the buildings owned by Genesis.  After removing some of these people form the walls they realize that these individuals have been placed in a hypnotic sleep and look a lot like clones of Hellman.  Throughout the book there is another of Hellmans’ journals discussing his goal to create the perfect clones that are selfless and will serve him without question in his next effort to start another Holocaust.

Sir Walter, Will and Mick finally find out by checking the local news regarding Sam’s home town that her house has been burned to the ground and that the family made it out safely. They decide it is time to go help Sam and fly back to the states.  Once they arrive back in town they go to Gwyn’s house to find out what happen and ask if her or her mother know where Sam is.  Hans shows up and kidnaps Gwyn taking her to his families’ property in France.  The immediately take a plain back to France with Gwyn’s mother to go save her.  Once Sam is in France she is sent a video from Hans with Gwyn tied up, Christian recognizes the location and they go to save her.  Everyone ends up in the same location trying to save Gwyn, but in the end also trying to make it out with their own lives. 

My Thoughts: Loved the series, everything ended on a great note all the people I loved in this story lived and Will and Sam are finally back together for eternity if they wanted.  A great group of characters hard not to love them the author gives you just enough that you feel connected to each character but also wanting to know more.  I definitely think this could have a spin off series involving Christian if she wanted to write one.  Great plot kept me interested the whole time I was reading lots of suspense and drama but not too much that you get irritated.  Definitely would recommend this book to my friends.  

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