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Sunday, June 8, 2014

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments Book Three)

Cassandra Clare Website
Book Details: Written by New York Times Best Selling Author Cassandra Clare. Published March 29th, 2009. 541 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at  Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Synopsis of City of Glass: After discovering that there is a way to wake up Clary's mom, Jocelyn, at the end of City of Ashes everyone travels to Idris, the homeland of the shadowhunters. An attack while going through the portal leads to Simon tagging along and Clary and Luke traveling separately through a portal Clary creates. Since downworlders are not allowed in Idris without a formal invitation, both Simon and Luke are in a dangerous position. Alec leads Simon to the Gard, a government building, to meet up with the new Inquisitor in order to use the portal to get back home to New York. Alec says goodbye to Simon trusting that the new Inquisitor to get Simon home safely, but it turns out that is not really what the Inquisitor had in mind.

Upon arriving Luke takes Clary to his sister Amatis's house to stay until they can figure out if it is safe for Clary to be there after creating a portal to Idris without permission. Clary can't sit around and wait so she decides to sneak out the window and go looking for Jace, Isabelle and Alec. When Clary finds where they are staying no one seems happy to see her especially Jace. Clary officially distraught runs out of the house only to have Sebastian, a cousin of the family the Lightwoods are staying with, run out behind her and offer to walk her home.  Clary confides in Sebastian her reason for being in Idris; to find a cure for her mother by finding the warlock Ragnor Fell. Clary is surprised to find Sebastian at her door the next day telling her he knows where to find the warlock and that he can take her there. They show up at Ragnor's house to find a surprising individual pretending to be the warlock who gives Clary the information needed to find the cure. Sebastian kisses Clary before they make it back home and she gets a very wrong feeling from him at that point making things a bit awkward. 

Jace agrees to go with Clary to find the cure at the Wayland Manor where Jace lived the first ten years of his life.  Not only do they find what they are looking for but they discover a heavenly prisoner in a hidden stairwell whom Valentine trapped there long ago.  This prisoner shows both Jace and Clary different clips of the evil and crazy experiments Valentine conducted over time. Both are shocked and not sure what to do with the information given to them and have a quiet walk back to the city. In the time that they are gone the wards protecting the city from any demon activity are deactivated allowing for an invasion of demons. 

This is all a part of Valentines plan to take over control of the Clave or kill them all in the process using the power he holds over the demons with the Mortal Cup and Sword.  After fighting off the first wave of demons Valentine delivers a message that unless the shadowhunters bow to him he will send even more demons effectively killing everything in their wake. The downworlders have offered there help against Valentine, but in return they want four seats within the Clave, one for each paranormal group, something that has never been done before. This leaves the shadowhunters in a very precarious position with some hard decisions to make.  With and ending that will rock their world.

My Thoughts: Loved the ending! So much happens in this book, one obstacle after the next ending with an epic battle!  First view into Idris, introduction of new characters like Luke's sister and goodbyes to other important characters. I could not put this one down!! The book gives you so much to be excited for while also crushing your heart. I just love the dynamic of all the characters together and how much their lives are intertwined. 

I love having Simon as a daylight walking vampire he is one of my favorite characters and continues to be throughout the series. Some very important discoveries are made about the Morgenstern family tree and a deeper look into how crazy Valentine had become. Overall amazing!!! Let me just say I'm happy for Jace and Clary it's about time something went their way. 

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