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Friday, June 13, 2014

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments Book 5)

Cassandra Clare Website

Book Details: Written by New York Times Best Selling Author Cassandra Clare. Published May 8th, 2012. 535 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at

Synopsis of City of Lost Souls: With Jace and Sebastian's body going missing at the very end of the last book, City of Fallen Angels, Clary is devastated. The Clave, the shadowhunter government entity, are more concerned about what Sebastian is capable of than Jace's safety. Clary takes maters into her own hands with the help of Alec, Isabelle and Simon and go to the faerie queen for help. She promises to help them with one favor in return, Clary must steal faerie enchanted rings and return them to her. 

Clary is so desperate she sneaks into the New York Institutes library while the clave is in an official meeting to remove the rings from their glass case. While there, the two people she least expected to see show up, Sebastian and Jace. They leave just as quickly as they came but it was enough for Clary to see them acting like best friends. Clary is furious and tells Isabelle and Alec what she saw, shocking them both. 

Soon after Jace and Sebastian show up at Clary's house to take her with them nearly killing Luke in the process. This leads to Jocelyn taking Clary into hiding at Magnus's place. Clary doesn't know what to do and sneaks out of Magnus's to meet Simon in the middle of the night. She confides in him that she is going to leave with Jace when he shows up next and gives Simon one of the faerie rings. The rings allow them to communicate through their thoughts no mater where they are. Simon is not happy but no one can stop Clary once her mind is set. Shortly after she returns home Jace shows up to take her with them. 

Clary quickly realizes that the bond that Lilith created between Jace and Sebastian is stronger than ever and Sebastian is in charge. Anything he wants Jace wants also. This is the most time Clary has ever spent with her brother and it brings up some confusing emotions. Clary stays in communication with Simon when she can while trying to convince Sebastian he can trust her everything seems to be going fairly well until Clary realizes his true intentions. 

While Clary is gone Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus brainstorm ways to break the bond that connects Sebastian and Jace's life force. First by summoning a demon, which doesn't turn out too well, to deciding to summon the angel Razeil. After some time Simon is finally able to reach Clary again to form a plan of attack  to stop Sebastian before it is too late. 

My Thoughts:  Simon our hero! He saved the day in this one with his Mark of Cain and bravery.  Honestly an amazing book but out of all of them my least favorite. Mainly because it was so hard to read about Jace being in that zombie like state and when there wasn't much Clary could do. It was so frustrating I just wanted them to break the connection as soon as possible and get Jace back. Sebastian is just a slimy guy it's hard to believe he is Clary's brother. I did love that Simon, my fav, and Isabelle get closer than ever!  Not only was it a bumpy road for Jace and Clary but also Alec and Magnus it was irritating watching everyone's relationships kinda fall apart in front of your eyes. On top of that you have Luke struggling for his life part of the time making me stressed and  a little nervous.  Even with all the negative going on I still could not put this book down. It was a love hate relationship for this one. 

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