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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1)

Deborah Harkness Website
Book Details: Written by New York Times Best Seller Deborah Harkness. Published February 8th, 2011. 579 Pages. You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at Amazon

Synopsis of A Discovery of Withes:  Diana Bishop, our leading lady in The All Souls Trilogy, hails from a long line of powerful Bishop witches. While studying in the Bodleian Library for an upcoming lecture she comes across an enchanted manuscript, Ashmole 782. After a life worth of denying her witchey descent and anything paranormal the last thing she expected was it to come looking for her.  Diana has caught the attention of the magical community; witches, vampires and daemons, and there is no going back. That's when she meets the mysterious and brilliant vampire, Matthew De Clermont; changing her life forever. 

The more time Diana and Mathew spend together the harder they fight against their true feelings for each other. Mathew becomes very protective of Diana and realizes the growing trouble brewing in Oxford and takes her away to his family home in France. Diana is unaware of The Congregation, devised of three vampires, three witches and three daemons, who rule over all creatures. One of the main rules is that species are not to mix with each other and that includes Mathew and Diana's growing relationship.  Once Diana discovers these rules her feelings for Mathew are too far past the point of turning back. Now under the protection of the De Clermont family Diana has to win the approval of Mathew's mother Ysabeau, who is not very happy about their forbidden relationship and the trouble it is sure to cause the family. 

Diana is taken from the safety of the De Clermonts by a witch of The Congregation and tortured in order to reveal the secrets of her power. While she is being tortured the ghosts of her mother and father appear to talk her through the pain and help her remember a story from her childhood. After Mathew realizes he cannot protect her from her own people they leave for her aunt's, Sara and Emily, house in Madison, New York. There they work on harnessing all of Diana's powers and controlling them. A discovery is made involving Diana's blood that could change the world of creatures forever.  Diana and Mathew travel back to Mathew's past after another attack on their lives. Hoping it will give them the time they need to find Ashmole 782 and a witch who can help Diana with her magic.

My Thoughts: I am just in awe of the history and detailed information that's just pours from Deborah Harkness. This book is beyond amazing and has me just as captivated the second time around. I could not set it down for a second, any extra moment I had I spent reading more. The connection between Diana and Matthew is electric, they are my most favorite fictional couple out of any book I have read. It is so easy to visualize everything that is happening and where thanks to the authors attention to detail. The relationships between all the characters are so lively it feels like you are there with them watching it all happen. I just absolutely love this series so far and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great story!!

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