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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Warrior (The Arcadian Series Book 3)

The Warrior (The Arcadian Series Book 3)
by T. L. Coulter
Published September 1st, 2014
342 Pages
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

You can purchase a hard copy or digital copy at

Official Synopsis: At the end of The Oracle, the traitor Malik has escaped from Castle Lindgren only to take Rek with him. While being held prisoner in the demon realm, Rek discovers a secret that will change his life forever. Everything Rek has ever been told has been a lie. Now, he is faced with a decision. Fight on the side of evil or die. 

Meanwhile, back in Arcadia, Kailee is mad as hell and is putting all her energy into her training.  While Kailee is working on her magic, Audric is calling for his fellow wizards and allies to prepare for battle. 

War is coming to the Wizards of Arcadia. Will Kailee’s love be enough for Rek to fight for good, or will a powerful blood bond push him to fight for evil?

My Thoughts: Sigh....its always hard to finish a series you have grown to love, but TL Coulter ties everything up wonderfully!! With all the surprises at that end of The Oracle I wasn't sure what was going to happen next for our friends in Arcadia!! Malik is out to ruin everyone's life because of the terrible choices his brother made when they were younger, shaping him into the the evil person his is today. I was glad this book takes a deeper look into the past in order for us to get a better look into why Malik is the way he is, I almost feel bad for the hand he was dealt. This book keeps you on your toes waiting for the realms to go to war. There were a couple parts that were pretty heartbreaking during the final battle between good and evil, causing me some emotional ups and downs. Thankfully there are a few surprise twists that brought my emotions back in check.  The Warrior is a heartfelt ending to a great series!! With lots of love to go around in this series, I was so thrilled that my two favorite couples happily ended up together (I can't tell you who or it would be a spoiler for the surprise twists I'm talking about). A big thanks to TL Coulter for bringing me into Arcadia, I loved every second. I am excited to see what you come up with next in The Assassin Series!

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